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 Friday August 14th 2015 Tim Candler9


     Edward Lear's Owl and the Pussy-cat recalls a loving relationship between an Owl and Cat who sailed away to the land of the Bong Trees where for a shilling they purchased a ring from a pig. It was a Turkey that married them and the relationship was then consummated by dining on quince which they ate with a Runcible Spoon.

     And it's true a person can spend a lifetime wondering what a Bong Tree is, wondering what happened to the ring from the end of a pig's nose, asking a few probing questions about the Turkey, who apparently lived on a hill, and generally becoming irritated by the Runcible Spoon. Either way somewhere in The Letlander a raging Helen Cromby broke Albert Cromby's Runcible Spoon, and it was indeed a consummate moment for your writer of pulp.


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