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 Thursday August 20th 2015 Tim Candler9


     There's a theme of "plodding" in The Rabbit of Usk. Mind you what a "theme" might be your writer of pulp remains uncertain, yet "plodding" he understands. Plodding is another way of saying "I will hit my head against this brick wall, and continue to hit my head against this brick wall until one of us surrenders." Fortunately the Sabean Genre is wholly forgiving, and allows for such things as Book Five Point One, which is why some call the genre, prolix. High praise indeed for a Sphinx.

     Yet there could be a white flag in my future. It seems to me that One Small Boy, is not only an irritating title but it's more of a prelude to an understanding of time upon earth that's necessarily vague, so I placed it in the mind of another. Out of it emerges the myth of being in a  far away place and time. A glimpse of our hero prior to his venturing into the world. The agony of childhood, a combination of what a person remembers and what they didn't know. In short there's a good chance The Rabbit of Usk will be ten books and a Prelude. So it's a win/win in my world.


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