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 Monday August 24th 2015 Tim Candler9


     Your correspondent has been doing his best to avoid the pronoun "I". Possibly he's been reading prose where "I" has reached the point where it gets on his nerves. He sees "I" more than once and the content of the prose ceases to be of any importance whatsoever as he enters some kind of fugue state and starts ranting in a most irrational way. It probably has something to do with getting old.

     Then there's the expression "your correspondent," another wholly irritating, pompous ass description, a sort of PBS nut eating moment. And the phrase "your writer of pulp" figures up there with the far away call of books being slammed closed, or more properly books being subjected to the delete button. However life does appear to go on, and the completely inadequate title The Letlander is enduring the attention of editing, and yes it's a "ripping yarn" with a great many spelling mistakes.


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