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 Wednesday August 26th 2015 Tim Candler9


     The likableness or otherwise of our heroic hero has recently come under review by COPT. A ramshackle loosely affiliated QUANGO. And while your writer of pulp is struggling to dismiss their criticisms as ranting chavery there is an element within The Rabbit of Usk that could well be seen as crying out for censorship. Incidentally the twenty first century word Chav is English/English usage for that sub group of individuals that might once have been given the title Lager Louts. And I guess back in the Dark Ages Chavs would have been called Boat Loads of Vikings.

     Suffice to say that your writer of pulp has huge sympathy for all forms of chavery and he has assured the Committee of Proper Thought that his heroic hero when not wholly engaged in denigrating the Norman maintains an open mind on such subjects as Otter Hunting with Beagles, the Stock Market as Casino, Global Warming, The Beaver Menace, Money in Politics, Private Ownership of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles and the list is a long one. Sadly COPT has reacted poorly to being called an apostrophe in the cooling of the universe and will no longer answer my emails.


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