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 Friday August 28th 2015 Tim Candler9


     The Vestry of Monnow is an event that occurred soon after the Norman Conquest, and it's the title of a book in The Rabbit of Usk. The actual date is a little obscure, the actual location is equally obscure but at least whether or not it actually happened is no longer up for debate. The point being that in all matters religious there is no requirement for empirical evidence, except when determining an individual's worthiness to be counted amongst the saints.

     And too, it might be useful to note, the determining of an individual's worthiness is more often a political matter than it is an empirical question. Granted the current era has long considered wealth empirical evidence of worthiness, but hardly ever is wealth evidence, empirical or otherwise, that marks an individual as an heroic hero as opposed to an ordinary common or garden sausage eating hero with foreign investments. This is of course no more than one open minded writer of pulp's view, there will be other probably less well informed opinions. And tomorrow I will proceed to denigrate the empirical philosopher Hume.


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