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 Sunday August 2nd 2015 Tim Candler9


     Beyond the immediacy, the near horizon, the Compost Pile, the Nearest and Dearest, the ubiquitous nature of the local Bunny Rabbit population, the inadequacy of Bunny Rabbit fencing, and I guess once pen is put to paper it's kind of a long list but the point is there is an enclave inside of which your correspondent has his being and outside that enclave he has really very few identifiable interests. And in my view there's something here that cries out for a top ten list!

     And if a person was to get serious about a Top Ten Global Interest List there has to be a division between a Beauty Pageant type top ten list and a top ten list that probably better reflects a semblance of the apolitical. In other words things like World Peace, an end to Diphtheria and Hunger and all such shiny baubles that could be quickly achieved if there was such a thing as cooperation between nations are a given and putting them on a top ten list strikes me as being ridiculous. I guess too, we're talking an insular minded dung beetle type Top Ten List. All the same, number one on your correspondent's Dung Beetle List would be

Obnoxious? You bet!



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