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 Sunday August 30th 2015 Tim Candler9


     It has to be a Rabbit in the Vegetable Garden eating the very late season Venture Beans. This is not an ordinary Rabbit. It's a sick, mean creature engaged in some kind of psychological warfare against the Gardener. It would be OK if he wiped out the entire row as a part of his evening routine. There'd be a period of mourning, a moment of intense foot stamping, followed by an "Oh well, not meant to be" and life would go on.

     But not this Rabbit. That would be far too decent and upright for this Rabbit. Instead what he does is nibble off the leaves of just a couple of plants, and I have to admit it's a very neat nibbling, he doesn't waste anything, or do random trampling or wallowing in the row. Then next morning, another couple of Bean plants nibbled to within an inch of their lives. He's not even supposed to be in the Vegetable Garden for goodness sake. How he gets in, I've got no idea. He's probably got a ladder.


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