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 Monday August 31st 2015 Tim Candler9


    There's always a problem with places. Take Shire Hall in Monmouthshire. Was a time when Shire Hall was the courthouse in the town of Monmouth. It's not any more, as I understand it. Then there's Monmouthshire itself. It was a county in Wales, probably still is. And there's a whole thing with the little details that turn to smoke in memory and disappear. So there's a problem with places.

     And there's a problem with the sound of voices. A description is easier done when the category of sound already exists in the mind of another. To draw it, to make geometry of it, is one thing. The other part is the relationship a person has with the sound. When I first heard the sound of one of those little battery driven alarm clocks, I thought "That's not too bad." Now when I hear it, the sound pretty much gives me heart attack and not in a nice way.


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