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 Monday August 3rd 2015 Tim Candler9


     A propensity to leave the rails, go crazy and agree to fill in a questionnaire was a major error on my part this morning. Nor was it a simple questionnaire."Between one and ten rate your opinion of Fruit Loops?" Nothing as simple and straightforward as that. Oh No! It was a whole twenty, and on reflection, totally unnecessary questions. And quite pointless saying never again, because these lapses are like commenting on Facebook, they just seem to suddenly happen!

     The reason for the questionnaire, any questionnaire, has nothing whatsoever to do with product improvement. It's all about bonding the questioned to the questioner. Around question five I found myself trapped in a maize of conflicting emotions, I didn't feel I was being asked the questions I wanted to answer, I was sulky and rebellious. But by question fifteen it was kind of like being at the Dentist, a person just agrees to everything. Stockholm Syndrome, I think it's called.



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