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 Tuesday August 4th 2015 Tim Candler9


     Of the three young Deers, one of them will grow into a major problem for the Gardeners. He or she is already confident around the domicile, and might already have done a little nibbling of ornamentals. It's the kind of thing that puts some sort of perspective upon the weirdness of Trophy Hunting. My own view is that the hunting Dentist or whoever it is that felt the need to shoot a Giraffe should fly by private jet to the nearest airport and shoot this Bambi before all hell breaks loose in the Perennial Border. They can call it Alfred the Terrible, and it'll look good on their mantel next to the Elephant,

     Mind you, in Book One of the Rabbit of Usk, our hero and his friend watch a professional White Ant Queen Hunter at his work. There was certainly no trophy room in those days, and by way of disposal, the Queen Ant Hunter swallowed the Queen Ant alive and still wriggling. She was about the size of his thumb, so we're talking pretty big.  Both our hero and his friend reckoned the Queen Ant Hunter was a kind of super hero and either got some kind of a buzz from eating Queen Ants or was totally nuts.



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