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 Wednesday August 5th 2015 Tim Candler9


     An obsession with Compost Piles around this time last year led to some very odd behaviors. This year your gardener has made bold efforts to avoid mentioning Compost Piles. However the Compost Pile Foucault Lizard population is in excellent form. Probably four little ones. They are very small and they possess the naivety of so many young creatures. They kind of look at you, they swish their bright blue tail and say "Hello" rather than running to a safe hiding place as they should do when they are older.

     I would have thought that emerging from an egg a tiny creature would pretty much know almost everything it was ever going to know, and an urge to run away from alarm would most likely be one of them. But I guess in the great majority of living things there's phase which I'll call  "The Exploration of Cute Factor Phase." A very risky strategy, I'd argue. But it did work for Kittens and Puppies. It is possible a young Foucault Lizard's charming "Hello" is deceptive, and what it's actually doing is wondering whether I'm some sort of food.



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