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 Sunday August 9th 2015 Tim Candler9


     I have seen three photographs of Josip Broz Tito which kind of stick in the mind. The first from the nineteen twenties or thirties when he was political prisoner, the second from 1942 when he was a leader of resistance, a Partisan in Dalmatia, a communist rather than a Chetnik, and the third photograph is from when he'd achieved the stature of a Statesman and President for Life who sometime in the seventies Orson Wells called the greatest man in the world today. There was a movie deal involved and actors are fickle.

     The great man died in 1980, they had to remove his leg and he succumbed to gangrene, but more important in in the first or second year of the 1970's our hero may have waved at Tito. The man might have been in a big limousine, in the city of Zagreb and it was barreling down the road between the Railway Station and Tomislav Square. Others were waving, and there was considerable head nodding, someone clearly said "Tito," someone else might have said "Broz."


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