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 Friday December 11th 2015.Tim Candler9


     Those who might have lived a while develop the idea that speech is easy, action isn't so easy and as a result we learn to judge each other not by what a person says, rather by what a person does. At Agincourt it was the archers that defeated chivalry. It was Chaka Zulu's stabbing weapon that led to his victories. I recall a time when snipers were the scum of the earth and more recently there are missiles and a device which shares its name with a lay-about Boy Bee.



     More interesting perhaps is the idea of a Cardinal Sin. It's the big one, the kind of action that should lead to guilt and shaming. Sadly a well paid lawyer is able to reinterpret the agreements that define sins, a process that's all done through flower and words. I guess it's us old farts that yearn for the town square pillory. The last person to be pilloried in England was a man called James Bossy, it was 1830, his offense was 'willful and corrupt perjury.'

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