An English In Kentucky


















 Saturday December 12th 2015.Tim Candler9


     There's Happy Holidays, there's Happy Christmas, there's a couple of Merry something or others, there's a whole thing with blowup creatures some of them with antlers, there's illuminations that twinkle, there's a host of decorative accents which for some reason or other include red bows and what could be some kind of poisonous fruit hiding in Spanish Moss. It's a rampant expression, a celebration of plenty or greed and it's contagious



     A person can get lost in the riot. Ribbons, flashing lights, red faced children, the festival of what's loosely referred to as Christmas Music and the meat counter at the Grocery Store. Then as the dusk arrives, the homeward bound might pass a house, it's usually rather grand, anally manicured and my own reaction to the rather sinister single white lights in their windows is to better understand the expression "Meh."

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