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 Sunday December 13th 2015.Tim Candler9


     The sense of celebration by the negotiators that followed the Paris agreement was shared by a number of organizations engaged in the peripheral activities which included the boys and girls who for security reasons were denied their big demonstration, flag waving, marching and banners, and who rather than run and hide arranged for empty shoes in the Place de la Republique to represent their presence and purpose and their passions at the festival of talk. Al Gore, who seems to have porked up a little, is happy. And other celebrities from screen, stage and political Party kind of regard the moment as a personal victory that will result in monuments to their erudition and learning.


      As I understand it, and I'm usually wrong, the nations of our world have agreed to do their best to limit our contribution to harm such that by the end of this century anticipated increase in our planets temperatures will be, depending upon the sources, somewhere between 2.7 centigrade and 3.7 centigrade, I'll call it around 5 Fahrenheit. This apparently allows for the balance necessary to maintain the levels of manufacture and profits which apparently are the central features of harmonious society. Bye-bye Seychelles, and who knows what else, but the argument is the agreement marks a turning point that will provide the incentives for money to move away from fossil fuels. Often wondered whether the Invisible Hand of Capital has Leprosy.


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