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 Wednesday December 16th 2015.Tim Candler9


     The King of Thailand's large estate owns the patent on a rain making technology which has the title "Royal Rain Making Technology." It's a cloud seeding technique for warm clouds, cold clouds and a combination of both warm and cold clouds. In the patent there's a great deal of talk about 'attacking' clouds, 'fattening' clouds, 'moving' clouds, 'sandwiching' clouds when the correct aircraft are available and it does go a bit such that eyes can glaze over.


       I mention this following the recent spate of individuals who through social media are breaking a law of Thailand that makes it an offence to Insult the King. The law covers a wide range of possible offenses from calling the king names through posting unflattering pictures, to saying horrible things about his dog or his cat. But interestingly a military coup within the king's realm isn't considered an insult to the king unless there is an attempt to overthrow the king.


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