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 Saturday December 19th 2015.Tim Candler9


     "Alright Guys!" A traditional opening statement in the world of electric train set You Tube 'how to' videos. Worth noting that the word "Guys" is gender specific, the obsession of model electric trains remains a male bastion. Also worth noting that electric train You Tube 'how to' video presenters range in age from around eight or nine year olds to the occasional sixty year old. And should you be considering an entry into the world of electric train sets the fourteen or fifteen year presenter of 'how to' videos is your best bet for actually understanding what they're talking about.


       Those remotely interested will be delighted to hear that You Tube 'how to' videos are usually open to 'comments' and there's a 'like' button, which does subject a presenter to a process of what in the more academic world might be called 'peer review.' I'm all for the process myself, and it does offer the novice an opportunity to better understand the more political and sometimes passionate nature of the "Alright Guys" community. The purists, I'd guess you'd call them. Either way, an N Gauge electric train set needs some kind of table devoted entirely to it and there could well be four hundred thousand different ways of making this table.


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