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 Sunday December 20th 2015.Tim Candler9


     Your correspondent will persist with the idea that we all live in stories. The diligent story teller will weave a narrative which despite all evidence to the contrary has a happy ending. Call them Angels. The less diligent will cleave to the idea that the story teller in his or her head should not be listened to. Call them Devils. The eccentric recognize that we're all nuts and without stories there'd be no tomorrow which is why of all living things our cousins The Plants are the wisest.


     In these chilly hours before the northern world turns toward the longer days there might be an argument which suggests the warm fall of the year has bamboozled those of our distant cousins who chose to reach toward bloom earlier rather than later. There's a sort of sigh of regret and a worry from Angels, and a kind of satisfied "told you so" from Devils. But if you listen carefully, you might hear the Daffodil say "All our stories have happy endings."


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