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 Tuesday December 22nd 2015.Tim Candler9


     "Alright Guys!" Tables for n scale don't actually have to be that big, and at the same time when an enthusiast is considering the role of the steam engine in empire building it's difficult not to get carried away. Better to look a long way down the track at something like the Hedjaz Railway and try to remember what happened to the Ottoman Empire. Curse TE Laurence if you want to, but if it had been up to him the Sykes-Picot lines would never have been drawn.


      So it might be the case that a more modern day empire builder should consider a less tyrannical concept, such as a train service between Columbia, Greensburg and Campbellsville. This does mean if there's to be a Stonehenge, Graffiti, a herd of Elephant and basking Crocodiles, a few liberties will have to be taken in the areas of geography, history and climate. But your correspondent is a firm believer in the idea of Empire as belonging to the impossible dream.


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