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 Wednesday December 23rd 2015.Tim Candler9


     A person has to worry a little about the Lady Birds. The warmth has made them active. There's pottering around, there's a little bit of flying around. Far too much activity in my view, they'll use up their stores of energy and when time comes to leave the domicile they might not have the strength to find that first meal of Spring.


      For our own first meal of Spring it's difficult to tell. If it doesn't get too cold there could be Turnips through February, but Turnips don't really count. We are looking at the possibility of a stalk of two of Chard reawakening at the end of March, maybe early April, and there's a possibility of Asparagus to look forward to. With Spinach we'll have to wait until something like end of April, that's if we're lucky.



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