An English In Kentucky


















 Thursday December 24th 2015.Tim Candler9


     The Palisades which is the name of a river gorge near here. High Bridge which is the name of a railway bridge near here. The White Horse at Uffington which is a figure carved into a chalk down many miles east of here on the other side of the Atlantic and not far from Stonehenge. There has to be a Public House called the Duck and Whistle.


      Then there's the problem of Giraffe who require Acacia Trees to be truly happy. They can run for brief periods at around forty miles an hour and the bigger males can be twenty foot high. In N scale a mile is thirty three feet, a Giraffe is about two inches high, the High Bridge near the Palisades would be about seven foot long. All of which means The Artist is calling for a Creative License.



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