An English In Kentucky


















 Sunday December 6th 2015.Tim Candler9


      The Blue Jay horde was very present in the early hours. They'd gathered on the speckles of gravel where Creeping Grass is now earth tone brown, it's more of a tanned white, a kind of tope color I guess, but difficult to tell with the frost. Blue Jay's do have a great deal of blue and white in them, and they have the sort of cocked head, it's as though they're always curious, inquisitive, nosey and usually bored unless they are wholly engrossed by nuts and where to bury them, and whether to fly north or south, they never fly east or west, and until around January they just sort of hang around looking at stuff and at each other, and they kind of jangle the imagination of the coffee drinking domesticated.


     Then all of a sudden there's a big Blue Jay excitement which requires all Blue Jays in the vicinity to gather, and the noise they make might be music to some ears, but most certainly not to the great majority. It's more of a jagged, winter noise, that creeps into the brain and it's a noise that might well be used by the professionals in the area of psychological warfare to illicit information from the reluctant informer. This morning's excitement in the Blue Jay community had something to do with rabbit pellets in the driveway, and by George it was a Mother of Parliaments out there, until old grumpy came out and clapped his callous hands. 

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