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 Monday December 7th 2015.Tim Candler9


      The unwanted consequences of making stuff are an unknown expense. More likely there's an accounting of this expense set in the future. But we people have never been good at prediction which is one of the reasons in something like the game of Cricket there are two umpires, two scorers and a line that marks a boundary. This way the game can be played and the future can be determined within a set of rules. The winner gets the bauble, the loser retires to his kitchen where he makes tea and bursts into tears.


     Do away with the umpires, the score board and the boundaries, then all you have left of the rules are the boos and the cheers of the audience. There are some who will argue that the boos and the cheers of the audience is all that really matters. "Everything else" has been tried, they'll say, and "nothing has worked" they'll add. What to do about the unknown expenses of making stuff are currently being discussed by the world's umpires and it seems they've come to the conclusion best just to leave it to the boos and cheers of those who sit and watch. The minced oath "gosh" kind of describes it.

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