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 Friday February 13th 2015 Tim Candler9


    Last Friday February the 13th was in 2009. On that day I filled these pages with the words "Crofts and Tofts." And I rambled on a little bit about the Duchess of Sutherland, who replaced a great many Crofters with sheep and probably spent her holidays in Cancun and more than likely thought she was wonderful. And being six years older, therefore I must be six years wiser.

    Since 2009, the revolting wealthy have dramatically increased their grip on our planet, and probably time to remind everyone that Lucius Seneca whose quotations are so popular with the "Brain Dead" was basically the spokesperson for the Emperor Nero's coterie of revoltingly wealthy Romans. And here the alternative expression for "Brain Dead" would be "Star-Effers." And too, I am less and less interested in where it all might be next time February 13th falls on a Friday.


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