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 Saturday February 14th 2015 Tim Candler9


    The WG Grace Cup should mean cricket. However, your correspondent is aware that in the world there are some for whom the word cricket and the name WG Grace are pretty much meaningless. Yet a sporting event, no matter the language is a sporting event. And while there may be the odd pedant who might disagree with me on the definition of the word 'sporting event' I do feel confident that a ball to ball commentary of any sporting event that might have happened forty odd years ago would cause what we writer's of pulp call 'catatonic attention collapse' in the unfortunate reader.

    This of course doesn't mean that a writer of pulp shouldn't have at his disposal a ball to ball commentary, something flowery with diagrams, statistics from previous games, batting and bowling averages, the phase of the moon, the names and biographical details of all players, scorers and Umpire. And it doesn't mean that a writer of pulp has wasted a month of his life writing a ball to ball commentary of an event that might have occurred forty odd years ago.  Rather I'd prefer to think of it as belonging to that area which I think of as "Knowing the Uncle's Mother-in-law's half sister's maiden name."


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