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 Thursday February 19th 2015 Tim Candler9


    Somewhere around 1993 I had a Dentist Appointment in February. I remember it because that morning it was minus 7F. The absurdity of risking a horrible death for a Dentist struck me as right up there with things like sending men to the moon to get their teeth cleaned. Suffice to say that later in 1993 when the call came for a repeat tooth cleaning, the weather was ideal, and I chose to decline the offer. And true the decision had been tortoise-like, made deep down in the limbic system and obviously I had been badly traumatized by my previous experience of just trying to get to the Dentist's Office.

    I will say that as the years passed I was again persuaded that life without regular visits to the Dentist's Office was one of indolence and lack of social responsibility. However, had it not been for a growing maturity in your correspondent's ability to control his limbic system, he might at this moment be risking horrible death to get his teeth cleaned. And while there is no such thing as a world without "We'd like to reschedule your appointment" there is such a thing as brave men confronting their fear of dialing telephone numbers and and telling a technical device "Through no fault of my own I'll be unable to attend the special event you had planned for me at 9 am tomorrow morning." Yes indeed, a silver lining in the cold hell that has chosen to challenge the State of Kentucky. Me, I slept like a log.


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