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 Sunday February 1st 2015 Tim Candler9


   As fair warning and as a community service your correspondent wishes to announce that this is his birthday week. There are those who might well balk at such an announcement, there might be the odd comment such as "Big Deal" or "He's got a nerve" or "Go soak your head in cold water." But through bitter experience your correspondent, writer of pulp and gardener, knows what it's like to spend hours trying to remember the birthdays of others. And having spent hours trying to remember the birthday of others has still issued birthday greetings on the wrong day, sometimes the wrong month.

     As well, your correspondent is attempting to encourage others to remind him when their birthday falls due. And there are probably those who might say something like, "Why don't you have some sort of calendar and mark birthdays down, so you don't have to keep asking people when their birthday is or how old they might be." And it's important in any community to tolerate these sort of far out and radical theorists who may well have doctorates in stating the obvious. But it's the case that not everyone is blessed with an ability to remember where his birthday calendar might be, and even if he does remember where it might be, how to access it.


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