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 Wednesday February 25th 2015 Tim Candler9


    "Very" is an adverb. And so is "Indeed." I know this because I looked it up in the dictionary. Then there's something called a "Strong Verb." Not sure what a "Strong Verb" is, I just can't make any sense of it. And without beating about the bush, just between you and I, pretty sure our hero has no clue what an "Adverb" is and mention "Strong Verb" to him and he'll offer some sort of curse as his example of a "Strong Verb."

    I have found that whenever I attempt to improve my understanding of the English Language as it is written, I enter a sort of frog dissection laboratory. Whole sentences laid out on the slab with pins stuck in it, and thread holding back bits of skin in an attempt to reveal the inner organs. Fortunately our hero was very heroic in Mr. Quilts' frog dissection, he didn't faint and unlike some of his fellow pupils he didn't have to resort to alcohol to get a passing grade.


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