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 Wednesday February 4th 2015 Tim Candler9


   The ancestor we share with the Chimpanzee and the Bonobo, or Pygmy Chimpanzee, shared an ancestor with the the ancestor of the Gorilla. I'm going to call this ancestor Mrs. X. And you can probably imagine how Mrs. X felt when one of her children looked a little peculiar, a little flat faced maybe, possessed of strange ears, a little prone to tantrum perhaps, could have had thin wrists, and I'll call this child Eric.

     Odds are that Eric spent much of his time staring at the other members of his clan and wondering why he was different. Then in due course following what I imagine was a hiatus of some sort that decimated Mrs. X's clan some reluctant surviving female was persuaded to bond with Eric, and if it hadn't been for that moment you and I wouldn't be here and nor would the Chimpanzee or the Bonobo or the Gorilla. And worth mentioning I'll be co-celebrating my own birthday with "Eric Day" this coming Saturday, probably with ice cream.


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