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 Friday February 6th 2015 Tim Candler9


   With respect to Eric's Nativity Scene I've been giving thought to the important role of an Eocene Authenticity Committee. And I think we should all remember that the Eocene was the second of five epochs in the Tertiary Period of the planet earth. The Continents had pretty much sorted themselves into a recognizable configuration. India was a large Island, Himalayas were a twinkle in India's eye. There were no Alps,  Europe was an archipelago. Not surprisingly The British Islands were pretty much as they are today. So it was a very different time and we can't have things like electric train sets or rubber Lemurs or plastic palm trees or any Non-Eocene Creatures or products anywhere near the scene.


      It's also worth remembering that by the late middle part of the Eocene there were Anthropoids in Africa, and there were Anthropoids in that part of the world that used to be called Burma. Burma has an odd spelling today, so I'm not going to risk it. But generally amongst the less jingoistic professionals, the opinion is that Mrs. X, who would have been an Anthropoid, built her nest in Africa, where during the Eocene average temperatures rarely departed from a day time high of around 95 F with night time lows in the upper 70 F range. And to better understand what that sort of climate means, a Gardener could grow three crops of Desiree Potatoes a year, and there'd be none of this nonsense about stocking things up for winter. So bails of hay anywhere near Eric's Nativity Scene would be a gross infringement of Eric Nativity Scene Rules.


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