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 Saturday February 7th 2015 Tim Candler9


   Bluebirds are not yet feathered up for their glamour season, but they are considering the possibility. They'll sit on posts, puffed a little against the chill and they will tweet to each other. Nor is this a high pitched tweeting, it's more of a bad tempered rumbling kind of a tweet. And it's just a sad fact that Bluebirds are the kind of bird that play chess. They are not domino birds, they are not scrabble birds and they are certainly not Facebook birds. And there's no way they are Goggle Plus birds, but I am beginning to think they are what I'll call "List Making Birds."


      One of the great tragedies of our world as currently configured is "The List."  In my view it all started with a visited to something like a Post Office or a Grocery Store. A fairly sensible aid to memory. Yet list making quickly devolved into a puerile cry for attention by those unfortunates who were most prone to list making. "The Top Ten Moments of 1999." "The Top Ten Reasons to Bake Cookies." And I could go on into the increasingly desperate attempts by list makers to savage our consciousness by filling it with absolute total and utter nonsense. Fortunately the List Making Bluebird will always be far too bad tempered to ever fall for the cretinism of a "Top Ten List." And today I'll be visiting the Post Office before conducting a cull of Vanilla Ice Cream.


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