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 Sunday February 8th 2015 Tim Candler9


   Your correspondent, writer of pulp and gardener can see Bluebirds making lists. He cannot see Mockingbirds making lists, even if he does sometimes wonder whether Girl Mockingbirds are secret list writers. But he can see the Carolina Wren making lists. The Bluebird list would be well ordered, it would have good hand writing, it would be on unlined paper, and a person can definitely get the sense of Propelling Pencil Neatness from Bluebirds. On the other hand A Carolina Wren list would probably be illegible, written in blunt pencil, probably on a scrap of brown paper.


      And after considerable thought that went late into the night and given that any Top Ten List has to start somewhere, a general conclusion has been reach about Bluebirds being the most neat of all list writing birds and the Carolina Wren being the least neat of all list writing birds. There was some argument about Chickadees, and some cruel words were exchanged during a discussion about whether or not The Summer Tanager was a list writer. But as any top ten list writer will tell you the important thing is to have some thing called 'impactful' at the top of the list. And here "Top Ten List Writing Birds!" is falling a little short on "Impact" apparently.


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