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 Monday February 9th 2015 Tim Candler9


   A Brown Thrasher sighting yesterday, and the odd thing about it was that I believe around this time last year there was also a Brown Thrasher sighting. And being a little preoccupied with the Top Ten List Writing Birds, your list writer's mind went directly to the Girl Mockingbird. There is something about the Brown Thrasher, rootling in leaf litter that suggest they might also be sneaky list writers. I don't know what is, some nuance in the way he or she looked up at me. They have a longer beak than a Mockingbird, they live in the same area of confidence as Mockingbirds, and of course they are related to Mockingbirds. Then the clouds opened, the horizons brightened, a choir sung, Elephants trumpeted and there was a revelation for your correspondent.


      The only way, and I've said this rather too often, that I am able to tell a boy and a girl Mockingbird apart is by studying their movement and attitude. Girl Mockingbirds are organized, they don't rush around like mental patients they don't dance, and they are great deal more tolerant. It was this characteristic of the Girl Mockingbird that suggested she was sneaky list writer. And she probably has to write her lists when Boy Mockingbird's are otherwise occupied. Then following this line of reasoning, it became quite obvious that both Boy and Girl Thrashers are sneaky list writers. But one thing is for certain Northern Harriers don't write lists, sneaky or otherwise. So in terms of this blighted word 'Impactful' I thought "Top Ten Sneakiest List Writing Birds." I think it's brilliant, it has oomph, it has humph and it has do-wop.


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