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 Friday January 16th 2015 Tim Candler9


   To address dissociated references in A Derailment I'm going to have to have some kind of notes for the reader. The language of English spans too many continents for it to be a truly shared language. For example "Blue Peter." Not something that comes up often in conversation here where I live. And indeed far from "Blue Peter" being a children's television program, "Blue Peter" in the minds of some reflects what I guess might be defined as cold male genitalia.

     And too there's a depressing side to re-reading A Derailment. For example, I can remember the name of Carl Peterson's evil companion, who went by the exotic name Irma. I can remember her description from Sapper. She was slinky and being an evil female she was more dangerous than an evil male. He stole the second part of the description of Irma from Kipling. The depressing part is that I can remember all this including the name of Biggles' odd friend Ginger, but I can't remember the telephone number I've now had for over ten years.


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