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 Monday January 18th 2015 Tim Candler9


   The association between what we writer's of pulp call Launch Day and the Ice Cream aisle in the Grocery Store is I am beginning to believe a Pavlovian one. I am currently thinking Vanilla and some kind of Caramel sauce. Pretty exotic, I know. However there are in the kitchen several communities of apparently peaceful, single celled creatures who are usually very active fermenting this or that.

     One of these communities has produced a pinkish Raspberry flavored and slightly fizzy liquid which might go rather nicely with an Ice Cream. The big question of course is will the pinkish thing go with Vanilla. Nor am I a big fan of The Float, I'm not one of those who takes any pleasure from drinking his Ice Cream. Then there's the actual going to the Grocery Store. So it's all kind of tense.


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