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 Wednesday January 21st 2015 Tim Candler9


   I do realize this current preoccupation with The Rabbit of Usk has dominated the day to day recently. And too I can understand how dull it could be for those who might not be that interested in The Rabbit of Usk. As well there might be some who find the phrase The Rabbit of Usk irritating. And I can say this because sometimes I find the title irritating, which means I regularly have to remind myself why he, she or it is called The Rabbit of Usk.

     The answer has a lot to do with Hedgehogs, Dippers and Offa's Dyke. Sometimes too as a result of exhaustion, inadequate nourishment and bad water a mind can stray into parts which I guess are there to elevate the final moments on earth, give a being it's sense of worth, offer it an opportunity to think that maybe living has purpose and struggle worthwhile. And too I think of this part of mind as a product of evolution, because for those without it sentience makes no sense whatsoever.


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