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 Friday January 23rd 2015 Tim Candler9


   The band of light snow and sleet serves primarily to discombobulate the senses. There is only one moment when snow has even a little bit of charm. And that moment is the four or five seconds immediately after three foot of snow has fallen. It's a very, very, very brief moment, followed quickly by a sure understanding of what hell might be like.

     For myself I cannot wait for this winter to be a thing of the past. I had attempted to adopt a positive attitude, I considered possibly taking an interest in some sort of winter sport like jig-saw puzzling, I tried to wake up with smile and a song, the Alleluia Chorus or something, I gave some thought to vitamin D supplements, I even tried to give up smoking so I didn't have to go outside every twenty minutes.  All this to no avail.


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