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 Saturday January 24th 2015 Tim Candler9


   Hoshu Qambrani's Crocodile figures rather larger in Book Four of a Rabbit of Usk. The details of the historical crocodile, the actual crocodile, are a little bleary. And the relationship between the Sheedi clans of Lyari Township and the wider city of Karachi are a great deal more than bleary. I could invent a city that looks, sounds and smells like Karachi, but I'm not going to. Instead I will wait for legal notices from well paid lawyers and respond accordingly.

     Always remember a writer of pulp's very first rule, which is, when engaged in discursive prolix a writer of pulp keeps his nose to the paper, his foot on the grindstone. I do remember that Hoshu Qambrani's Crocodile which was supposed to be a boy Crocodile, had two names. The official name was some Sufi Poet, a name I can't possible remember and will probably invent, but Hoshu's own name for his Crocodile was Brian Wilson. And it's true, Hoshu had a bit of a thing for The Beach Boys, and he might still.


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