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 Sunday January 25th 2015 Tim Candler9


   I do realize that making up History is filled with pitfalls. I also share the idea that despite rumor to the contrary the great majority of history has been made up. So my own view is to put value on the sort of history that draws form balls of wool rather than some kind of straight line extending into the distant past when we were single celled organisms. Call this the worm-hole theory of history, if you like.

     The other thing I wanted to mention today has to to do with Corporate Potatoes. There is something incredible wrong with the new breed of Potato that fill space in the Grocery Store. I am beginning to believe they are evil. My own attempts to store Potato have been pathetic, just tragic. But the Sweet Potato, the Beauregard, will grow until frost, they keep well throughout the winter and as everyone knows they are a "complete food."


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