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 Monday January 26th 2015 Tim Candler9


   Carol Singers in the Ear is a poorly understood ailment that is randomly exasperated by pretty much anything from dust and dry, damp and moldy, through idle chit chat and reading the News, to getting up in the morning and looking out the window. It probably has a number of other names none of which even get close to a description of the ordeal we sufferers must endure as we go bravely about our business. But there are times when the failure of others to appreciate the depth and cruelty of our suffering does get a little grating.

     In every respects we look far too normal, we can walk around, shave occasionally and stuff like that, there's a smile on our face, we nod appreciatively when anyone says anything even if we can't really concentrate on what was actually said because of the high pitched blast from our own personal community of tiny Carol Singers who can sometimes set to work with minute pneumatic drills somewhere around the base of our ears. One answer might be to wear a small illuminated flashing sign on the forehead that reads either "Open" or "Closed" depending on the levels of Carol Singer activities.


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