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 Wednesday January 28th 2015 Tim Candler9


   Mathurin, or Maturin for the benefit of the spell checker is Maturinus, a man who died around 300AD and is venerated as a Saint in both the Catholic and the Eastern Orthodox Church. As a youth he secretly converted to the Christian faith, he performed the odd miracle, he had a wonderful ability to drive out demons, calm rowdy individuals and rioters. And probably he was a joy to be around, confident, holy decent and upright.

     In the course of the succeeding centuries, and because of his ability to drive out demons he became a Patron Saint for the Insane. Sensibly enough, he also became a Patron Saint for Comedians and Jesters. As well he became a Patron Saint for Sailors and for Tin Smiths, a Gypsy occupation. And for one reason or another he became a Patron Saint for Plumbers. However, there is no Patron Saint of Thieves there is only a Patron Saint of Repentant Thieves. His name is Nicholas, a bossy sort of name, so we writers of pulp do on occasion lean toward renting in twain the whole cloth. Either way, Saint Mathurin figures large in The Rabbit of Usk


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