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 Thursday January 29th 2015 Tim Candler9


   The spelling "Mathurin" instead of "Maturin" pretty much summarizes your writer of pulp's relationship with his spell checker. And I guess too if he could spell that relationship would be a less antagonistic relationship, interaction between your writer of pulp and his spell checker less fraught by expletives and threats about axe handles and throwing things out of windows.

     And too, while your writer of pulp might indeed have grasped that spelling as randomness falls far short of expectations of him, he nonetheless will at times declare his independence. And frankly the word "Maturin" sounds far to like Nicholas or Clotilda both of which are difficult to say without feeling just a little queasy. Mathurin, with the H, is an altogether much happier word and a great deal more heroic. So at least that's settled!


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