An English In Kentucky


















 Friday January 30th 2015 Tim Candler9


   What some loosely refer to as The Lane, but which after a period of intense isolation might be referred to as The Main Road does every six months or so get to see a strange vehicle. And I can tell you it's a big excitement. Not so much the 'oh goody' kind of excitement, rather it's the kind of excitement that results in twitching and wondering where the best place to hide might be.

     Invariable a territorial imperative soon dominates and as with all territorial imperatives it begins with a strong desire to possess cruise missiles and an aircraft carrier, or maybe a bazooka or at least a couple of hand grenades. The other thing about the road, once committed to it, wheels in motion, there's no place to turn around without being glared at. And I can tell this much "Just Looking" is a wholly inadequate answer.


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