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 Saturday January 31st 2015 Tim Candler9


   Unlike Eagles who are blatantly aggressive and ill mannered a person can never be certain about Turkey. They tromp around in their groups, there's a sort of Hen group, the older boys have their group, then at different times of year there are different kinds of group due to the problem of raising young Turkey. And there's the odd Turkey who's given up on the whole group thing and opted for some kind of solitary life style. And sometimes in their ranks there'll be a huge excitement, they'll run around mysteriously driven by a logic only a Turkey can hope to grasp. Yet they always look as though they're about their own business and whatever it is they're doing makes perfect sense to them.

     I remember reading about the Passenger Pigeon which was once so abundant and which is now gone from the world. Apparently they weren't that smart and fell easily to the appetites of men armed with shotguns. Their complete and sudden disappearance however is a bit of a mystery. Disease has been considered as a possible cause. Another argument is that being social creatures, the Passenger Pigeon, unlike Lot, required a good sized flock in order to pursue the matter of reproduction, and as they saw their numbers decline, they kind of gave up. All the same, in the debate that sadly no longer rages some of us still consider the Eagle or the Griffin a redundancy and he should be replaced by either the Turkey or the Passenger Pigeon as the Nation's First Bird.


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