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 Monday January 5th 2015 Tim Candler9


   Book Four of a Rabbit of Usk is period of transition for our hero. Or at least it's supposed to be. The teenage years you could call them. Horrible of course for the observer, but the experience of them is present in the moment for any hero as they trip lightly through their generations, and it's only afterwards these moments are reinterpreted to suit a whim. Both past and future, despite rumor to the contrary are always dictated by others, and it is my hope that through the course of Book Four our hero will embrace his truly obnoxious self, so that he and I might find harmony.

     I personally hope so. Book Three was a bit of a nightmare for me. Our hero didn't do half the things he was supposed to do, he kept insinuating himself into the narrative and making impossibly heroic suggestions. We had long discussions, some of them endless. There was sulking and cruel words exchanged. Already in Book Four there are some signs of this. I will however be choosing my battles carefully and have surrendered to the idea of Appleton as a pseudonym for an abjectly vile town in the English county of Dorset.


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