An English In Kentucky


















 Friday July 10th 2015 Tim Candler9


     There's been some tossing and turning. Prefer to think of it as the muse, or some kind of bad angel pointing out flaws, he does so constantly, goes on and on. Or it could be an aspect of age and deterioration and possibly I should shower in milk, or cruise the aisles in search of herbal remedies. Ultimately, the source of the angst is a title. My options The Windral or A Windral.


     Please accept, I do understand there are considerably more important things to toss and turn around. And like Haman I should probably toss the coin, definite or indefinite article, get it over with. But it is kind of like dealing with an Ancient Persian King. They were prone to mood swings, I'm told. Fond of six and seven day drinking feasts, and possibly the weather had an influence upon them. It's just that A Windral seems less pompous. And The Windral suggests an undeserved uniqueness.


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