An English In Kentucky


















 Sunday July 12th 2015 Tim Candler9


     There's no great mystery about the cover of A Windral. It's a map and a Dhow. Still subject to technical issues and change of course. This isn't a steam engine on steel rails, or the mayhem of new ideas, or the iron discipline of uniform and library, it's more of an attempt to picture uncertainty as a condition, and all the choice is to journey on. A condition that pretty much defines living things, I'd argue.


     And if you like, we are each of us living in stories, our own understandings defined by them. In songs and music, despite the word harmony, there's a comforting ill-definition of meaning, the sentence less important, more like sitting in a bar and enjoying the ride than earning a living. And you have to think it's more often fiction that explains the world to us people. Anything like truth, is usually too horrible to contemplate,


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