An English In Kentucky


















 Tuesday July 14th 2015 Tim Candler9


     Gusty winds. Very, very gusty winds. Huge lightening. A couple of inches of rain. Tree damage. All of which were followed by an hour or two of good clean and refreshing air that was just a joy to walk around in. The ground however is saturated and has been for weeks. It can take no more water, it's essentially a swamp, unsuited to the more traditional vegetables grown in this part of the world. Nonetheless, onward and upward is the signature of my own species.


     As I understand it, Rice likes a wet foot. More accurately Rice demands a wet foot, it prefers to grow in about four or five inches of water. It gets to be about three foot, it produces wind pollinated flowers, so no messing around with Bees. It does have a very nicely named pest called a Brown Planthopper. I think I might have seen a few in the Winter Squash. And then there's a problem from a freshwater gastropod, called an Apple Snail which has both gill and lung. Always been fond of anyone who has a stomach in their foot and can breath underwater.


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