An English In Kentucky


















 Wednesday July 15th 2015 Tim Candler9


     A person knows his brain cells are struggling when he remembers a word but forgets its meaning. It's almost preferable to know the meaning of a word, but forget what the word is. In the afternoon of yesterday, weather inclement with high heat in swamp-like conditions, a word or phrase drifted into what remains of your correspondent's mind. The word was something like Quadrangle, or it might have been something to to with Squirrel Nutkin, or it could have have been something like Front Matters.

     He was outside, without any kind of mobile device, a political stance on his part. He was patiently removing the victims of storm in a Tic infested zone. He had sensible footwear, and a rather fetching pair of almost matching socks and he was well perfumed against the Biting Creatures. All of which meant popping inside to access the streaming plenty wasn't that straight forward And by the time he was able get to his room, he'd forgotten what word he'd forgotten the meaning of and his internet was out. In an odd way, it was a win/win for sanity.


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