An English In Kentucky


















 Wednesday July 1st 2015 Tim Candler9


     Endless damp like this does Tomato no favor. Beans don't like it. Eggplant are unhappy. It brings on the Green Chard Slug which become like Antelope grazing. Our furry subterranean community are happily shopping for mail order aqualungs. And there's a whole thing with Black Pox and all forms of End Times Sootiness. But Compost likes it and so do Tics.

     The Tummy Button Tic has again favored your correspondent with a visit. I guess I should feel honored, it's not everyone has a Tummy Button Tic, but if memory serves this will be the third time I've had a Tummy Button Tic in almost as many years. A Distinguished Service Order, I like to think. And in these conditions all silver linings are important for mental health.


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